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In 2013, two friends and I founded the Achieving Better Life Experiences (ABLE) day habilitation program at The Arc of Union County. At the time, our mission was to reunite a small group of special needs adults with their old friends and classmates. The program was a success, and still exists today. It remains a very proud achievement for everyone involved. 


 After 2 wonderful years at The Arc, I decided to go the adventurous route and teach special education at a NJ public school. In the summer of 2017, while still teaching, I independently opened a 2nd ABLE program. Although it started as an after-hours, part-time inclusion program, this version of ABLE eventually grew into the new day habilitation home for most of our clients. ABLE's Stirling location is now our full-time home, and we could not be more pleased with the individuals and families who are with us. We look forward to many, many years of memorable experience with our current and future participants. 


Joe Spreitzer

-Founder and Director of ABLE

-Former teacher

-Literally the worst public speaker ever

-Everly's dad