The ABLE program provides day habilitation, community inclusion, and respite services outside the homes of special needs adults that support and assist in educational, enrichment, or recreational activities listed in their service plans for the purpose of enhancing inclusion and belonging in the community, fostering independence, and developing the skills necessary to live happy, productive lives. 

Community Inclusion

Monday-Thursday: 4pm-7pm

Saturday: 11am-3pm

Join the crew on our community adventures. Events include trips to: movies, arcades, art & cooking classes, sporting events, lunches & dinners out, museums, parks, festivals, etc. 



Day Habilitaiton

Weekdays: 8am-3pm

Looking to prepare for involvement and participation in the community? We'll work with you to develop of a number of skills: self-advocacy, socialization, daily living, problem solving, leisure, self-improvement, prevocational, and more.   


91 Central Ave

Stirling, NJ


Fridays & Saturdays: Overnight

Only on Select Weekends

We all need a break every now and then. That includes our adults, their families, and other primary caretakers. Join us for a night or two away for whatever you're looking for: relaxation, entertainment, or just a break from the routine. 



Any Questions? 

Mailing Address: 236 Cypress Drive Colonia, NJ 07067

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